Wednesday, October 03, 2007

20 Free Marketing Ideas

  • If your marketing offends someone it will probably be a success
  • Get someone to tell a friend. Hopefully someone will tell another friend and it will become viral
  • Collect email addresses from prospects so that you can build a relationship (with permission, of course)
  • Everybody makes marketing mistakes, learn from yours
  • Give a sample away for free.
  • Perform an outrageous publicity stunt
  • In some instances it is better to co-operate with a competitor rather than compete
  • Create a company blog
  • Ask clients for written testimonials
  • Study the marketing techniques of your competitors. Do what works for them
  • Be seen as an expert in your field by writing Ezine articles
  • Write a press release and submit it to newspapers and magazines
  • Differentiate your product. Just know that your product also must be good. A different product that is crap is useless
  • Give something of value away for free via a contest
  • Put your logo and website URL on everything
  • Learn from the pros. Read Seth Godins marketing blog. Read Seth's books on
  • Don’t just make a promise in your marketing message.
  • Deliver on your promise or you will be seen as a liar
  • Sponsor a popular local event
  • Use the new media
  • Follow your gut instincts

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