Monday, November 03, 2008

A classic quote from an ex tax inspector

I was reading through the Property Tax Portal monthly tax tips (yes I DO subscribe to this sort of stuff to enhance my knowledge!) and there is a quote in the October newsletter from James Bailey who is an ex Inspector of Taxes. James talks about the new penalty regime and the importance of getting your tax return right first time and the options available. He says: -

"One choice, of course, is to contact HMRC
and ask them. You would expect me to be
but in my experience there are two
certainties about the advice you will get: it will
either be wrong or it will be the advice that
results in the maximum amount of tax
payable, and if it is wrong they will deny giving
it unless you have it in writing."

Classic! I have always said this myself but most people seem to think the tax office are there to help them. WRONG! The only person you can trust to give you the correct information is your accountant or tax advisor. Because you pay them for this.

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