Monday, December 15, 2008

Tax Credit Overpayments - Are you a victim in need of advice and support?

Each year, due to the way in which tax credits are assessed and awarded, many people find themselves having been overpaid; with subsequent demands from HMRC to recover the money, sometimes in the thousands which undoubtedly causes stress.

Not all instances are correct, miscalculations do occur, so, before you make a payment it would be wise to seek independent advice from those that have been in the same situation before.

The Tax Credit Casualties are a voluntary organisation run by and for victims of tax credit overpayments and subsequent unfair recovery.

They offer support to people receiving overpayment demands, to enable them to know their rights and dispute automatic recovery. They also campaign and lobby cross-party MPs to support a full write-off of all non-fraudulent overpayments.

The website offers a wide range of information, from how to make calculations, understanding all the jargon, how to dispute a claim and even how to stop a court case. There is also a forum for you to share your views.

Thanks to Phil Richards for this one

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