Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why should you pay me - a professional tax adviser to complete your tax return?

Rather an odd question for a tax adviser to ask you might think?

I was asked recently by someone why they should instruct me specifically to do their tax return which set me thinking...

There are many reasons of course but mainly clients tell me they want to be sure they are doing it right and have not missed anything they can claim ie for peace of mind. Others are just busy people and want to let someone else have the hassle.

Even for pure advisory clients I find the process of completing the return helps identify areas in which a client had not realised there might be savings. Some clients use me as a second opinion on personal and business financial matters. Many clients are in the financial area themselves and they could talk about it with friends and family but some people prefer a more confidential different voice.

I can GUARANTEE I can save tax for any self employed person. A strong claim? Maybe, but if you can prove me wrong I will do your accounts and tax work for one year for FREE!

There is a good article here albeit from a US perspective which explains why you can do better than just using google and online software. But then I would say that wouldn't I?

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