Friday, July 04, 2008

Do you want to claim some FREE cash? Millions of pounds are owed to UK parents and families.

The year before the current tax credits were introduced there was a different allowance available which was never advertised by the Inland Revenue. You can still claim this £520 - £1,040 allowance provided the claim is made before

31 January 2009.

You are eligible to claim the £520 allowance if: -

  • You have a child born between 6 April 1986 and 5 April 2003 and
  • The child lived with you for all or part of 2002/03 and
  • You worked and paid tax for all or part of 2002/03

You are eligible to claim the £1,040 allowance if: -

You can answer yes to the above questions and one of your children was born between 6 April 2002 and 5 April 2003.

  • Making the claim does not affect your current or future Working/Child Tax Credits
  • Your marital status does not affect your claim
  • You or your partner must have earned more than £6,000 in the 2002/03 tax year
  • If you claimed the allowance in 2002 you cannot claim now
  • If your final tax code on your April 2003 notice of coding ended in a H or a T you have already had the allowance
  • We will charge you a total of £97 including VAT for making the claim on your behalf

If you are interested in grabbing this cash which belongs to you please either email shaun(at) or call us on 0800 634 4476 and we will explain what needs to be done.

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